The Team

TEDx Erasmus University Rotterdam is an independently organized TED event. This year’s event, is organized by a diverse team of MBA student volunteers from 10 different countries around the globe, that are passionate about the idea of challenging perspectives and broadening their knowledge around different topics.

Our mission, is to contribute as a force of positive change by organizing an event where great ideas that defy what we already know are shared to our community, in order to improve the way we interact and develop as a society in a sustainable way. 

Join us and become part of this amazing experience!

Tafa Mwadira
Ajey Vishal
Allum Zeng
Anirudh Valluri
Bruno Farias
Chengcheng Li
Emily Thomas
Heather Michaelin
Himani Sharma
Jessie Song
Johannes Rippin
Niomi Sterling
Rodrigo Copertino
Shubhangi Sinha
Shweta Shetye
Yasmine Cathell
Kate Liu
Manizeh Dossa