TEDx Speakers 2021

Ellen Mensink
Founder, Brightloops and Creative City Lab
Circular and sustainable clothing & lifestyle
Ralph van Roosmalen
CEO, Management 3.0
Helping teams create value
Herbert Tiemens
Senior Policy Officer, Traffic and Transport at Municipality Utrecht
Cycling everywhere in between
Merieke Stevens
Associate Professor of Operations Management, Erasmus University
Buyer-supplier relationship dynamics
Erik Landry
Climate Change Specialist, GRESB
What, Why, How - Climate Change
Karin Ekberg
Managing Director, Leadership & Sustainability
Sustainable fashion
Jara Pascual
Founder & CEO at Collabwith
Remove spam and connect to innovate
Robert Sadowski
CEO & Owner, Sawa Logistics
Finding joy and strength during hardships
Jonathan Talbott
Founder/CEO, Talbott International Presentations (TIP)
Helps audiences make good decisions

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