TEDx Speakers 2021

Ralph van Roosmalen
CEO, Management 3.0
Back To The Basics of Nature to Manage Teams
Merieke Stevens
Associate Professor of Operations Management, Erasmus University
Minimise the Distance Between You and the Supply Chain
Erik Landry
Climate Change Specialist, GRESB
Can We Align Our Investment Decisions and Climate Change Goals?
Karin Ekberg
Managing Director, Leadership & Sustainability
Step Up to Sustainable Leadership
Jara Pascual
Founder & CEO at Collabwith
Innovation is about emotional intelligence, leadership & collaboration
Jonathan Talbott
Founder/CEO, Talbott International Presentations (TIP)
The Surprising Power of Powerless Speech
Mark Wijsman
Presenter & Online Host
MC for TEDx event
RJ Pesigan
MD, MBA 22 Student
Refocusing Our Why to Minimise Uncertainty

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