The Young Erasmus Academy

The Young Erasmus Academy (YEA) is a network of young scientists that was founded in April 2013 at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

Young Erasmus has twenty-one members

They represent a broad spectrum of scientific and scholarly disciplines and work at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Open Webcast

OpenWebcast is a platform that focuses on 'live' broadcasting and recording of the culture of the city. Music, symposia, theatre, lectures, debate, technology, festivals, in short 'that' what makes the city alive!

Vitamin Well

Vitamin Well is a Swedish functional drinks company that was born in 2008. Now, more than ten years later, the beverage is available in more than 35 markets across the globe. They offer vitamin- and mineral enriched beverages that are low in calories, each with a distinct function. Vitamin Well is a smarter and healthier alternative to sodas and sugary juices and come in many different functions and flavors.

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Tailwind premiums

Wholeseller of premiums, gifts and incentives. Fast stock delivery or completely custom-made from sketch to end product.