2020 TEDx Event - Strength Through Unity

The Theme, 2020

On this evening, you'll hear about the strength of collectivism within education, technology, aid, social impact, sustainability and leadership among others: all while overcoming big challenges.

About Us

We are excited to be hosting the annual TedxErasmusUniversity event LIVE. We invite you to come and listen with curiosity to ideas that provoke resilience, solidarity and thriving within a global community in the face of turmoil.

Event details

Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 
Time: 18:00-22:00
Venue: Room Mate Bruno Hotel, Rotterdam

  • In the spirit  of ideas worth spreading, TEDx are independently organized events that bring people together to spark discussions and foster connections.

  • Our goal is to draw attention to issues that matter and to increase awareness on societal development for our local Dutch community.

  • Our theme for 2020 highlights the need for resilience and collectivism to overcome the biggest challenges for all global citizens today.