TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam 2017: Building a Better World

In October 2017, TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam will celebrate the theme of “Building a Better World”.

We are delighted to introduce the lineup of engaging speakers who will be sharing their “ideas worth spreading” at TEDxErasmusUniversityRotterdam 2017:
  • Meike Vernooij, Young Erasmus Academy - Unravelling our brain’s wiring
  • Pauline Jansen, Young Erasmus Academy - Kids, food and guilt
  • Theo Kemperman, Rotterdam Public Library - Want to make the world a better place with less inequality? Support your Public Library!
  • Himanshu Kachhwaha, Entrepreneurship - Following a dream
  • Pablo van der Lugt, Environment & Sustainability - Booming Bamboo: the (re)discovery of a sustainable material with endless possibilities
  • Marian Spier, Social Responsibility - The 5 principles of social impact
  • Hani Sherry, Technology & Invention - Building the next generation of vision
  • Pamala Wiepking, Social Responsibility - Create the world you care about
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