TEDxErasmusUniversity 2014

TEDxErasmusUniversity in November 2014 took ideas worth sharing out into the world by exploring the theme “The changes that come with change”. In keeping with the spirit of TED conferences, our diverse group of speakers gave their own points of view about change, sharing their exciting discoveries and dreams with the audience. If you weren’t there, you can catch up with our latest TEDxErasmusUniversity event on YouTube or visit the video page.

You can find the speakers of this year's event here.

TEDxErasmusUniversity 2013
Last year’s TEDxErasmusUniversity event explored the four core themes of RSM: innovation, spirit, sustainability, and critical thinking. Speakers shared their insights with an audience of members of the RSM community.
To see the video of the 2013 event, visit http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsRNoUx8w3rPFpSPkcxN6AUfwXWLpZDTI